New Jobs and Diets – Working Hand in Hand

I’ve managed to survive my first three weeks of training. Or so it feels. We’ve had so many snow days our training has been interrupted on several occasions, but it’s been a good thing for me because I’ve had a bit of difficulty getting back into the swing of a full-time schedule again!

That said, I’m learning the ropes of being both a director and counselor on this new journey I’m taking. Managing an entire store sounds like a terribly daunting task when you start the training. It’s the getting the hang of it that I still don’t feel very capable of.

I’ve been learning so much about how to manage the business while also learning about the business of the diet. It’s a lot of knowledge about how to balance your meals properly while constantly maintaining a specific type of diet during the weight loss phase of the program.

I know what you’re thinking.

Diets are so restrictive. I can’t do that. And truthfully, I won’t argue any differently about this one being more restrictive than other diets you might have done in the past. Even so, it all depends on the person whether you can do the diet.

The truth is, I always find a diet a matter of where your brain is.

Anytime you change how you eat, you have to consider that you’re going from one diet to another. So the fact that I’ve been on this diet that I’ll be selling for a little over a week and a half now simply means I’ve exchanged one diet for another.

It doesn’t mean that I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve definitely suffered side effects, especially in the first three days of the diet. I’ve got to say that changing the way I eat created some really interesting effects, including how often I use the restroom. Of course, it helps that I aim to drink at least 64 ounces of water per day.

The upside is that in the first week I’ve seen a 5 pound loss thus far. And the really neat thing about my job is that I’ve got a machine that tells me how much weight I need to lose. Before starting the diet, my ideal loss was determined to be in the range of 18 pounds.

Now I’m at 13.2 pounds to go. I’m excited.

So my new job has created lots of anticipation for me in that I feel able to take on the task of bringing hope to people who haven’t lost weight before and giving myself a chance to lose the last few pounds that would put me at a healthier weight.

I’m going to enjoy it. At least, I’m going to try to enjoy it since I’m quite certain once we get out of training and up and running it will be a lot like work!

So, off we go into the wild blue yonder of weight loss… Wish me luck!

– RaeNez


A Time for Change

I’ll admit it. I’m not great with posting here.

There, I said it.

I want to get better, though. I’d eventually like to use this as a means to both blog and tell you more about who I am, what I’m doing, how Fernando and I are doing in our first year of marriage, and where else you can find me in the wonderful wide world of the Web.

So you may start seeing some changes in the coming weeks. I can’t promise anything new right away. That would be too much too fast, right?

I’d like to revamp my blog, change the background and style and make it more me.

There’s a reason for this, of course. Are you ready?

I’m hoping to start a new job Monday (Yay!!) where I’ll be training to be a director at a prominent weight loss clinic that’s moving to town. It’s new to the area, and if you know me or the area, you’d be able to figure it out fairly quickly. I’ll start training Monday and be in training for two weeks until I’m able to take on the role of director of my own facility.

It’s a challenge, a change, and a scary endeavor.

I’m excited and nervous at the same time.

However, I also want to start posting a story to Wattpad. If you haven’t heard of Wattpad, it’s one of the easiest posting forums on the internet today for writers. The website is an online venue for posting stories, whether they are original fiction, non-fiction, or fanfiction. Thousands of stories are posted there on a regular basis and are available for public consumption.

Why do I want to post a story to Wattpad?

Well, there are a few reasons.

First: I would like to get some feedback on my fiction. Now, I understand that I might get nothing, no feedback, no comments, no reads. But I might get some feedback, and this is what I’m looking for. I also understand not all feedback is useful, but if I can get even a glimmer of useful information and criticism to work with, then I feel it would be worth it.

Second: I’m writing a story in a totally different vein from any of my previous novels. It’s written in first person, which is nothing I’m comfortable with as far as fiction goes. It’s about something I’m not comfortable writing (specifically super powers – which borders on the realm of sci-fi if you ask me). It covers subject matter and a message I haven’t quite captured yet and am not entirely certain of the direction, which makes me somewhat nervous. But I want to put it out there and see what I get out of the experience.

Third: I’m planning to be like every person who writes on Wattpad these days and use the website as a tool for building a platform where I can gain traction and a readership. If people like me and follow me, then I feel confident they’ll be more inclined to follow me should I choose to self-publish at some time in the future.

So there you have it.

I’m going to be on Wattpad. When I start posting, I’ll probably feature my author page and the actual book here for potential reads, but I don’t want to put anyone off who wants to read about my escapades as a new director at a weight loss clinic, either!

And, in fact, let me dish a bit more on that before I end this post. In the interest of change, I’ll be undergoing my own bit of personal change with the clinic. Because they want to have all employees familiar with the program, I and the other director and counselors will be weighed and measured as part of our training and given a “healthy weight loss” that we can achieve as part of the program.

For the first two weeks of our employment, we’ll all be participating in the program in order to better help our clients understand the ins and outs of the program and to tell them, “I’ve been there, too!” Sooo, I guess I get to start my own weight loss program on Monday or Tuesday as well! You’ll get an updated post about how that will be going here shortly since I’m certain to share all the fun details with you about my weight and what I lose on the two weeks that I’m on the program.

Since I’m being honest, I could probably stand to lose a good 15 pounds to get down to a nice goal weight that would make me look incredibly sexy.

Yep, you read that right.

I’d be sexy.

Fernando would approve either way since he tends to think I’m sexy regardless. But the upside is that I’d also be able to fit into smaller clothes (in theory), and I’d feel a little less like a sloth.

Right now, I’m about 5’6″ tall and roughly 160 pounds of awesome.

So give me 5’6″ and 145 pounds of awesome, and I could do some serious damage.

But come Tuesday (I think – depends on when the equipment comes in), we’ll see where I measure and what the company thinks I can stand to lose.

I’m kind of looking forward to it!

Onward to change,

– RaeNez