Happiness is…

…apparently a three day, unintentional vacation created by the unfortunate condition of having been infected by this lovely condition known as an ear infection.

I was writing about escapes as you’ll recall, and apparently the boyfriend noticed.

Perhaps I should give him a spiffy title. He’d appreciate that. I’m not sure what. The women at work ask me about my man, which always seems so crass. He’s not my man, and I don’t have a ring on my finger. Besides, even if I were married to him, I wouldn’t call him my man. Then he’d be my husband.

Again with the digressing. (That is rapidly becoming a theme here.)

Well, well, the boyfriend has spoken. In an effort to protect the innocent (though how innocent he is I cannot disclose), he will henceforth be known as Fernando. (Until he changes his mind.)

In any event, it came to my attention through dearest Fernando that I am, in fact, sitting here in my bed happy on a sick day. I’ve been utterly wracked with coughing, suffering from a perpetually sore throat, had piercingly sore ears, and a plugged up nose. And yet, I’m happy.

The last two or three days I’ve been happy. It’s a lovely feeling. An escape, if you will.

I watched Doctor Who with Fernando. We’re not aficionados or hardcore fans. We’re just starting our way through the series. But it’s silly and goofy, and we’re loving it. It’s relaxing and entertaining.

I’ve immersed myself in the world of Downton Abbey as well. The large, old British castle brings out my inner dream to have lived in a different time. (My mother would say I was born out of time. I could certainly rock the vintage fashions of Downton Abbey and look fabulous doing so.) I’m making my way through the free seasons on my Amazon Prime account and mourning the fact the remaining season is paid only at this point.

What else? Oh yes, I’ve been blogging incessantly in case you weren’t aware. I suppose there’s a limit there somewhere, but I haven’t been made aware, and WordPress hasn’t stopped me from posting yet. I suppose my blogging will slow down a bit soon, but it won’t fade away.

And I did some random things today, like searching for more jobs, crafting more cover letters (despite myself I can’t help loving writing in any form), and, well, looking for puppies.

I swear I was looking for a puppy for Fernando. Promise. Okay, okay. Even he doesn’t believe me. However, I did find a couple adorable faces that yearn for adoption. Even Fernando would be swayed by these adorable faces.

Madison – 3 month old Alaskan Husky/German Shepherd Mix

Now tell me: who could say no to that face? Even if she will grow up to be a rather large dog given her particular mix, she would be an adorable addition to anyone’s home. (I will say I already have a dog of my own, so I’m not exactly allowed to have another one until I move out of my house, which is why I’m looking at dogs for Fernando – besides, his birthday is coming up!)

Gary – 3 month old American Pit Bull/Terrier Mix

Have I mentioned Fernando needs a lapdog? And Gary clearly needs a lap? And the two would be an adorable couple? Perhaps I should become a matchmaker.

Needless to say, the point of all this was really due to the conversation Fernando and I had. Here’s the recap:

Fernando: “You’re so sappy today, looking for a puppy, writing blogs, thinking of love and happiness.

Me: I’m not at work. There’s a difference. I can be sick at home and happy as a clam if it involves not working.

Granted, he said “sappy” and not “happy,” but me being a sickie, I read “happy.” So put two and two together and get, well, a puppy. Or just get that sick days, while unpleasant, are my own versions of escapes because they’re better than being trapped in the world of cubes on the phones, being yelled at for no fault of my own.

What’s your happiness?


P.S. I promise not to post like a maniac all the time, but I do rather enjoy the inspiration I get from blogging… and, well, I’m sick. I have to have something  to do!