What’s In A Writer?

Welcome to my Cubed Life.

I have escaped the Cubed Life of cubicles and offices and found a place I love to work. Why does that matter to you? Perhaps it doesn’t. But perhaps you’re interested in exploring your passions and finding the place you long to be. This blog is the place I’ve showcased parts of my journey: from the cubed life of sitting in a call center cubicle to a part-time position teaching ESL to adult immigrants.

Who am I? You might know me personally or simply through social media. I like to sign my posts as RaeNezL. You can call me Rae.

I am:

  • Wife to a wonderful husband, named Fernando here in the blog.
  • Corgi-mom to one Dobby the House Corgi – the most awesome pup ever.
  • Writer of blogs and novels alike – intending to publish someday to great acclaim.
  • Explorer of all things Insta-good and Pinteresting – with great success, I might add.
  • Traveler across oceans and continents – I’ll likely be sharing more about my adventures at home and abroad someday.
  • Lover of Jesus, my husband, family, and friends.

This is a place to check out a journey away from the Cubed Life so many of us live and find out how I made my way out and what I’m moving toward, especially when it has to do with all the things above.

Welcome to my Cubed Life!

– RaeNez

For More About Me, Please Check Out:

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