Digressing on Birthdays

Days after Fernando asked to marry me, it was time for his birthday.

Now a girl has pressure anyway to provide the right kind of gift for her boyfriend in the first place. Coming up with an amazing birthday gift for a fiance? That’s a whole different ball game. And Fernando’s love language has to be gifts. I mean, look at the flowers he sent me on his birthday.

Yes, his birthday.

They were absolutely gorgeous and so vivid!

So Fernando sent me flowers on his birthday after sending me a gorgeous bouquet of yellow and red roses on Monday following our engagement because Monday the 25th was the official six month mark for how long we had dated seriously.


It’s been a crazy week, can you tell?

In any event, I was trying to prepare for his birthday the best I could. I intended to see if I could come up with a great meal to cook for him, but he sent me a text the week before saying he’d gotten reservations for the Melting Pot to do fondue on his birthday.

That took care of one item for his birthday, then…

I had a couple ideas on what I would get him for his birthday, and I’d ordered one thing from Amazon, which turned out to be perfect. We’d seen it when we went to the Lego Store on one of our day trips with another couple of friends. He’d instantly fallen in love with it and asked me if I’d play it with him if he got it.

It’s the Lego Kingdoms Chess Set!

I ordered him this chess set from Lego because he loved it so much. It got here with plenty of time to wrap and get ready for him, but I was at a loss for what else to get him. I had ideas, but I had so little time to prepare because I had another birthday party to attend on Monday, and Fernando’s birthday was on Wednesday!

So Tuesday rolled around, and I was off like a shot after work. I raced from store to store looking for something that I had in mind for him. I settled finally on an iPad cover that he’d wanted, even though I know he would have preferred an iPad Mini.

I wish I could have gotten the Mini.

Oh well.

I wrapped his gifts up for him and prepared for his birthday because I knew he’d be excited to see me and hang out as soon as I got off work Wednesday night.

My wrapping job on Fernando’s gifts… Pretty, right?

I raced home to dress up for a night out at the fondue restaurant. And it was an amazing time.

Fernando and I love going to the Melting Pot, and our waiter rocked. His name was Fred. He was a hoot, and he gave us some excellent suggestions.

When we got back to my house, I let Fernando open his birthday gifts (finally), and I think he liked them. 🙂

All in all, I hope it was a successful birthday attempt for my fiance because I know we’ll have many more to come!