Background Checks & Fingerprinting – The Waiting Period

So I think I mentioned I was hired for a job with the local school system, and while it sounds great and all, I realized something…

This is more or less a waiting game.

You see, I still haven’t started that new job promised me the week of Easter. And, as you can imagine, I’d like to get started sometime very soon if possible. In fact, I called today to see what the hold-up was, and I was told… nothing. They’re simply waiting for all the background checks to come through before they decide to tell me whether I’m actually going to start or not.

Now here’s the thing: I know that unless my identity has been stolen, I should have zero criminal records of any kind. And they can check INTERPOL if they like, but to my knowledge, I’ve committed no international crimes during my various visits overseas.

So what’s taking so long?

I’ve already submitted all my personal information and agreed to their terms and basically signed my life away. I paid $45 on a fingerprinting test as well, which is rather irritating when you think about it. I don’t see why I had to pay to do something they have people do on a regular basis, but that’s really neither here nor there. There should be no hold-up.

In fact, I was approved for government clearance to access student loan files in a previous job faster than they’re getting back to me.

I get it, I do. We have to protect students and access to personal information. But I’ve never done anything in any previous jobs that makes me untrustworthy. I simply do my thing, and I do as I’m taught. That’s all. There’s no reason for me to do anything else because I probably don’t have time for that.

As they say, ain’t nobody got time fo dat.

And, yes, I’m a sistah, according to one of my old clients at the call center, so I can clearly say that.

All that said, I’d like to get this show on the road. It’s getting to be a long and tiring process for me to wait for information. And when I called today, I was told that they had no information on me either and the lady would call downtown to find out what was taking so long. Did she call me back? No.

Fernando’s beginning to think I should apply for another job since this one is taking so long to get processed. But I was so hoping this would work out.

I guess sometimes things don’t always go as planned. But either way, it would really be nice to start earning money again. Especially with my funds dwindling as they are.

We’ll see if I get a call back tomorrow or not. My guess is probably not. And here I am with lots of things I need to accomplish and no money to do it on.

I’ll be back to let you know if they ever get my information processed and get me started. Until then, I’ll be rereading The Chronicles of Narnia and debating about putting my story up on Wattpad. (I’ll let you know about that, too!)



Interviewing with HR

February 13th was kind of a big day for me. I wasn’t going to say exactly, but it was actually my year mark at work, and I was sent my annual review that apparently goes out to everyone on the date they hired in. So goes a year of my life… drowned out on the phones in commentary I can’t be moved to care much more about than I do about the people who tell me how much I should stop by their kiosks at the mall to “try a little something” because they want to jack up prices on some product I shouldn’t purchase and wouldn’t use.

Clearly I shouldn’t have hired in prior to Valentine’s Day, but so goes it…

That said, it’s been a real trip the last few days this week. Monday I responded to the human resources questionnaire I was sent as part of my “thanks for staying” email from our VP of HR. Being the honest and blunt sort, my answers to questions weren’t exactly expected, and I was promptly emailed back by the VP requesting a meeting with me.

I will say that by blunt I don’t mean I was aggressive. Nor was I rude. I simply answered honestly and without sugar-coating any of my feelings on things the way some people would possibly have done. When asked, for example, how engaged I felt with the company, I stated “not very,” and proceeded to explain why and how they could change that for me in my department.

I know it’s the place of human resources departments to take care of employees. We are their customers, so to speak, and so said my VP when I met with her Tuesday. She tried to reassure me that she sees the people on the phones as the life blood of the company, but the truth is that when all is said and done, we are still just the employees.

As I told her earnestly, the trickle down affect of our COO’s patronizing and demanding ways moves through the ranks from our Assistant Vice President to our Manager to our Supervisors and Assistant Supervisors. It doesn’t stop with them. They demand the performance that is causing so much stress and dissatisfaction with the job.

I know she understands because she’s putting together a plan of action for the department, and that’s great. She asked me to bear with the department as they implement the new changes she wants, and she’s determined that we won’t feel as downtrodden as I described myself in the questionnaire responses I sent her.

I’m not sure if this has any connection to my meeting with her or if I was chosen in a random sampling that they’re doing, but I received an email from another of our HR gurus today asking me to meet with him to discuss the employee morale and engagement of our department. He’s asked me to fill out a second survey, which is scarily more personal.

In fact, it requests I rate my loyalty to the company on a scale of “extremely” to “not at all.”

While I don’t recall seeing a place to put my name on the form, I have to question just how honest I should be in this form.

I can understand why our HR department is taking such an interest in the call center employees’ morale and engagement. I just highly doubt they’ll be able to offer any form of improvement over what we have thus far developed as the main form of management and supervisory skills.

I’m still debating on how honest to be in that survey…

At least I have until Monday before I have to make any hard and fast decisions. My meeting with the HR guru is then. We’ll see how it goes, but at the very least, I have the reassurance from my VP of HR that I’m not on the chopping block that she keeps track of in terms of potentially losing my job. So that is a relief.

– RaeNez