What’s In A Blog?

Cubed Life. It’s what so many people are living daily. We walk into an office, clock in, sit down at a desk, and perform tedious tasks that become mindless with repetition. It’s the life so many people live, and it’s the life so many people want to escape.


Escape. It’s that terrifying concept that could mean incredible adventure or utter failure. We look at life in our cubes and wonder what it’s like outside that box. We see the places and spaces we could be and wish we were there instead of here, in this cube, clocking in, clocking out, becoming more or less a robot.


And that’s what it’s all about, really. Cubed life and an escape from reality. This blog is an escape from your reality, from my reality, from our combined worlds to the adventurous side of life. And maybe it’s a reminder that the cubed life doesn’t have to be all mindless repetition, poor people skills, and micromanagement. Perhaps cubed life is as much an opportunity to remember that even the little things are adventures in themselves.


We just have to look at it a little differently.


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