Stereotypes – They’re Everywhere

So I disappeared for a week, and I apologize for that. I got caught up in a lot of things happening with life, and now I’m back to continue what I’ve started!

I wanted to talk today about a trend I see on Facebook and other social media sites that I think can be rather dangerous.

You know how often we share articles, photos, memes, or anything else we find on our social media pages? It’s normal and easy to do. I love seeing what my friends have shared on their Facebook feeds most of the time. But guess what? It’s May 2015, and we’re about to enter the ever wonderful world of election season.

No? You don’t think so?

I think so. It’s going to hit like a whirlwind. News stations are going to light up like New York City at Christmas time. Media websites will feature every candidate posturing about his or her favorite go-to topic, and we’ll be inundated with the “issues” that are important for this election season.

Why do I bring this up? Because inevitably my Facebook feed and yours will be filled with tons of shares of articles from friends that are all about their political affiliations.

This is probably my least favorite time to be on Facebook, when something explodes in the media and I have to see shares about it pop up on my feed for an unknown number of days or weeks until it dies down. Now, I know that might sound silly to complain about, but realistically my main concern is how this appears.

Every time someone shares a news article and doesn’t comment on it, that person is basically agreeing with the content. 

Would you agree?

I had a Facebook friend share a link from a website that was rather uncomplimentary to immigrants this week. It essentially took some simple stereotypes of immigrants and made those stereotypes into a short story. Let’s just say I was unimpressed and downright angry. Not only because this person shared it but because his share basically amounted to approval of the content.

I don’t usually comment on things like that because it’s normally not something I like to involve myself in. Political battles aren’t my thing, and I don’t like to start arguments on social media since they’re pointless battles.

However, this past week, I’ve commented to two friends who shared things of this nature because I’m tired of seeing it all the time.

I almost never share articles on my Facebook page. Why? For the reasons I listed above. Shares amount to acceptance and promotion, and you can’t take that back. You can say you were wrong, but it never leaves the wide world of the Internet. I prefer to share things about my life and what I’m doing instead of sharing the more volatile things like my religious beliefs and political affiliations.

I also just don’t think people need to know how I feel about those issues on social media. I may share some of those things here at some point, so don’t be too surprised. However, I don’t feel that Facebook is the right platform for sharing stereotypes and political agendas and religious fights. There’s a time and place for things like that, and to me, it’s not my social media.

What do you think? Is social media the place to lay down the gauntlet of political, social, economical, and religious battles? Let me know your thoughts.

– RaeNezL