Oh my stars… has it really been this long since I posted? 

If June 5th was the last time you heard from me, I apologize. Let me just say that my life has only changed drastically since then. And it’s been insane planning a wedding in the meantime. I mean, weddings aren’t even my thing, really. But I’m highly tempted to become a wedding planner as a result of all this madness. 

You’d think being a wedding planner would be easy, wouldn’t you? Or even just planning a wedding would be simple. I mean, I would think getting all my ducks in a row would have been simple. But things changed for me, my friends in the blogosphere. 

As of July, I have been unemployed. 

That’s right. I’m one of the many who were unfortunately laid off in recent months. While I can’t claim it’s due to rising insurance costs or anything quite so dramatic as that, I can say I and seven other of my co-workers were laid off the same day in July. It was sudden, and I’ve never experienced anything like it. In short: it sucked. 

Since then, it’s been a battle. I still haven’t gotten unemployment pay even though I’ve gone through the process of applying for it, attempted my three-jobs-per-week application process and weekly certification for my state’s unemployment requirements, and have submitted all the paperwork they requested of me. I finally received confirmation they submitted my claim to a manager to try to determine why it hasn’t completed processing. Considering the fact another woman who was laid off the same day as I am has been receiving her unemployment pay since the beginning of September, it would be nice to know what the hold-up has been. 

As you can imagine, it’s been marginally stressful as a result to plan a wedding. Or to look for jobs when I get no responses. It’s been joyous fun. 

I did finally order a wedding cake (or four) this week. Total cost: $310. 

So I think that puts me below the average on wedding cake costs. And I’m getting 4 different cakes and 50 cupcakes. We should definitely be set for all my cousins who will eat their weight in cake and my papaw who will definitely not limit himself to one slice of cake. 

I get to pay the remainder of my flower cost this week. It should only be $100 because we’re sticking with our original plan, and I already paid the deposit of $25 earlier. So my flowers are only $125, which is also below the average cost of wedding flowers from what I can tell. 

That’s good, right? 

I haven’t even begun looking at programs. I don’t want to think about having to design a program after having to deal with the wedding invitations. That was enough of a pain. But I suppose it is what it is. I should go ahead and design them in any event, even if I don’t print them. I have several “Special Thanks” to add to them now that people have come out of the woodwork to help me with my wedding. 

My cousin offered to play the piano and harp at my wedding ceremony for free. She’s an amazing musician, which means this is a fabulous deal. I’m very excited about it. I guess it will be kind of a fun turnaround since I was her flower girl when she married. 

At this point, I’m thinking it will be a miracle if I get through all the remaining preparations and get to a wedding, though. I’ve got tons of masks decorated and still need to do more. I need to sand, prime, and paint wooden dowels to glue to the masks that the wedding party will wear. And I need to complete my DIY gifts for my bridesmaids and decide what else I can gift them since I feel a bit inadequate about what I’m giving them. 

It doesn’t help that my savings has dwindled swiftly in the last few months. 

I suppose that’s what happens when you’re unemployed and can’t find a job. 

When I get home from the honeymoon, I may just become a waitress and work 50 hours a week. That way Fernando won’t feel so badly about being in school. I feel awful that he’s always so busy anyway. I want him to be able to finish school in a semi-timely manner, so if I work more, he can school more, right? 

I think this can work. Perhaps you’ll soon see my Cubed posts becoming waitress posts, my friends…

But before then, you’ll see some wedding thoughts. (I think I’d make an excellent wedding planner at this point. It’s all about being the team leader when there is no real team and creating one from nothing. I think I can handle that.)

Well, that’s all for now… I shall return to tell you more about weddings, unemployment, and why DIY projects are not for the faint at heart soon. 



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