Valentine’s Week, What?

Lo and behold… it is the week of February 14th. While many of my friends will be lamenting their single status and posting the joys of being single while secretly drinking their woes away with liquid courage and indulging in pint after pint of Ben & Jerry’s (the best threesome a girl could wish for) over some fashionably cheesy chick flicks, I’ll be doing… well.. something different.

No, this isn’t the cheesy blog post you were looking for.

Not yet.

That comes later, I can assure you.

I’ll actually, you know, have a Valentine this year.


Fernando isn’t exactly super excited about the prospect, but that’s okay. Guys don’t have to be. Valentine’s Day is traditionally more about the girl, and everyone knows Fernando isn’t the kind of guy who only shows his affection when he has to, like on holidays and birthdays.

He’s insisted all along he won’t be doing anything special for Valentine’s Day simply because he sends me flowers when he feels like it and does special things with me all the time.

He’s the perfect Valentine all the time. Well, that was cheesy. He’s not perfect, but for the purposes of making me feel loved, he is.

That said, since we both work Valentine’s until 6 pm for me and 7 pm for him, we’ll be going to dinner late and relaxing. I told him we didn’t have to do anything fancy. I’m just glad I get to see him because, gosh darnit, I’ve never had a Valentine, and I’m going to celebrate it with him just a little!

Yes, I’m girly. Yes, I’m sentimental. Yes, I want a Valentine, dangit.

So with less than two days to go until I get to see him for Valentine’s, I’m just feeling excited that I’ll get to smile and hug him and be all cutesy and couply. Because, let’s face it, I’ve never, ever, ever had a Valentine in my life.

I’m 20-something-years-old, and this is the first time I’ll have a legit, “I like you,” dinner date Valentine. I’m not going to miss it. I’m going to be super excited after dealing with ridiculous people who can’t be bothered to take any responsibility for themselves because, quite frankly, I don’t care if you are in debt or not. I’m going out with the guy I like when I get off the phone with you, and to heck with your blankety-blank account. In fact, if you’d please go jump off a cliff, things would be so much easier.

Well, maybe I shouldn’t ask people to jump off a cliff.

Though a little sense of personal responsibility wouldn’t go amiss… like, you know, actually acknowledging that you went into debt instead of just claiming it suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Because debt doesn’t appear, and babies aren’t delivered by the stork.

Sorry to kill your fantasies. Santa doesn’t exist either. And the economy is very broken and not looking up despite our fearless (political) leaders trying to convince us it is.

A little reality check for some people is definitely in order. But I suppose I’ll go into that later. Probably tomorrow since I have a very specific someone in mind whose particular brand of denial has reached levels even I’m impressed with.

For now… Valentine’s!

(I’m going to go be sappy and watch Downton Abbey now instead of listening to the President try to convince me he cares about me. Because if he did, he’d, you know, keep his promises and fix the economy so I could get a new job – and yes, this is what I’m talking about with the personal responsibility stuff, people.)

– RaeNez



2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Week, What?

  1. It is funny that you are talking about personal responsibility but you are asking the president to fix the economy so you can get a job. You have all the responsibility to fix your economy. I can tell you from personal experience. I lost my house, I moved out of my comfort zone, landed a crappy job and then, I landed a good job. This all took me three years, in a state that has been very hard hit by the economy, Florida.

    So as happy as you are about having a Valentine’s, you should take all that positive energy and excitement and poor it on to your job search, and if it means moving somewhere else, doing something else, or finding a not so great job until you find one you like, then do it. Take responsibility for your economy. If every single one of us took some more responsibility, what politicians say or do would have no impact on us.

    • Hi Roxana –

      I appreciate the comment on the blog, but I think you misunderstand me. I meant that entirely sarcastically. As in, I do not rely on my president or any other representative to fix the economy because I doubt it’s in their power to do so. And that was my point at the end of that comment, that I meant it sarcastically when I asked the president to keep his promises and get me a job.

      I am taking my own fair share of personal responsibility to fix my own economy as you put it. I have been putting in applications and doing the work to try to find a new job or a different job that might be moderately less frustrating than my own. But please don’t misunderstand me when I make a comment about the economy. I don’t believe it’s the president’s responsibility to fix it. I sincerely believe that if individuals stood up and took their own responsibility for their lives and financial situations and futures seriously, then we might begin seeing things change.

      Unfortunately I deal with a great number of people daily who remind me that the vast majority of people are not inclined to work harder or find other solutions to the situations they’ve created for themselves or the situations they’ve had the misfortune to fall into. The people I speak of when I speak of personal responsibility are more content to believe that money they’ve been loaned is not money they should be responsible to pay back, and that, I feel, is incredibly irresponsible and what’s more, has contributed to the economic meltdown in its own way.

      In any event, I thank you for the comment because it reminds me not everyone sees things the way people I talk to at work do, and that encourages me.

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