I Missed The First Day, But…

…it was for a good cause, sort of.

You might have read that I have not only been sick the last week but also somewhat depressed. Well, Fernando has decided the majority of my depression (and subsequent introspection that leads to more depression and so forth, ad nauseum) has been caused by my being holed up in my house.

Thus the reason for my lack of post yesterday for the start of NaBloPoMo.

I know what you’re thinking. What good are you if you’re not posting on the very first day of the month?

You may be right. But I write for myself. Very much so. And this blog is nothing if not for myself.

That said, Fernando took me to the doctor’s office yesterday to get a note from him for having missed work Thursday and Friday (this has really taken a toll on me, hasn’t it?), and then he kidnapped me for the day.

So, in my defense, given that the day was spent with someone I quite enjoy spending time with, I suppose it goes toward the theme of “love & sex” per the NaBloPoMo theme for February. Wouldn’t you agree?

And my day was spent profitably, to boot. Fernando took me to some awesome places. We went to the mountains and had a delicious dinner, but you don’t want to hear all the details. Suffice it to say, this is my post to cover yesterday, and I hope you’ll forgive the oversight…

– RaeNez



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