The Perks of Being Sick & NaBloPoMo

It’s been a bit of a struggle making it through the week. I’ve been equal amounts of depressed, annoyed, and bored in turn and sometimes a bit of all three at once.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be participating in something that will make that all go away… or, you know, give me something else to focus on, in any event.


National Blog Posting Month

That’s right. If you don’t know anything about it, National Blog Posting Month is an unofficial month of basically committing to writing one post on your blog per day for the entire month. It’s a means of committing to your blog and making sure you get your posts up.

Hosted by BlogHer, I’ve added CubedLife to the mix on the blog roll there, and I’m going to be posting a blog every day for the month of February. As you can see from the badge, the theme BlogHer has created this year for February is love and sex.

Of course, I may or may not blog on that theme, but in the spirit of that, I thought I’d tell you one of the perks of being sick that I rather recently (as in, within the last hour) discovered.

Fernando texted that he was out and about running an errand that needed to be completed. Considering he’s been working nonstop and I haven’t seen him since he came to take me to the doctor’s office Monday, I’ve had to resign myself to seeing him tomorrow.

Not so.

He showed up with some food because I said I was hungry. May I just point out that when you’ve got a keeper, you should, well, keep him? He brought us both a quick bite, and we scarfed down some food (dare I think it: my appetite is actually coming back!) before he decided it had been a bit too long since we’d seen each other.

Now, at the risk of sounding a bit scandalous and risque, I won’t say that Fernando and I are at all improper. However, things do sometimes get a bit, ah, steamy at times, and one thing leads to another.

In short, Fernando takes me away with his Spanish mutterings sometimes. I can’t understand a word, but I suppose they call it a Romance language for a reason, yes?

I got an energy boost I wasn’t expecting when he got that glint in his eye and decided he needed to get me to a softer surface than being seated at my kitchen table. Being the altogether chaste young woman I am, I stood up quickly and moved away from him, which, of course, became a game of chase.

Upper respiratory infection, lack of appetite, and general sickness versus peak of health, taller, and generally faster man? No contest.

He gently escorted me (read: wrestled me) to a softer surface for a quick yet steamy make out session before he, unfortunately, had to leave for work again.

Who says you need copious amounts of sex to perk up a love life? Just add a bit of excitement in the form of your significant other surprising you with a visit when you’re sick. It does wonders to add a bit of spark and energy.

Despite my ears being plugged up, I can still hear, rather well, that my heartbeat is still increased from Fernando’s rather passionate kisses. I’m fairly certain I even look a bit healthier and brighter than I did an hour and a half ago…

Ah, the perks of being sick.

Now onto NaBloPoMo and the excitement of February. Join me?



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